About Us
In 1981, Ed & Pookie Duangrat took a leap faith to pursue the
“American Dream” of owning a small business.  They resigned
from their jobs and used their life’s savings to open a humble Thai
& Asian grocery, just around the corner from here.   In business
“they” say it’s all about location, location, location.  But picking this
location was easy, as it was the only one that their shoestring
budget could afford!  

Perhaps the silver lining was that the neighborhood at the time
had a sizeable Southeast Asian immigrant community.  Business
and the neighborhood both flourished!  The grocery laid the
foundation for the couple’s namesake, flagship restaurant,
Duangrat’s- established in 1987.  From the start, Ed & Pookie
redefined the quality and presentation of Thai cuisine, raising its
standard to fine dining.  It was the first Thai restaurant of its kind.  
Three decades later, Duangrat’s is the longest serving Thai
restaurant in the DC Metro area and is still widely regarded as one
of the best in town!

Duangrat’s continues to remain true to its roots, serving a
complete a la carte menu of traditional and interpretive Thai
Servers are adorned in customary Thai attire and
gracefully serve the talent of
native our Thai chefs.  The timelessly
elegant dining room boasts crystal chandeliers, white tablecloths,
English china and Thai art & design elements throughout.  
Duangrat's continues to earn nummerous
local and National accolades.